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Lasair Capital

A new investment firm needed to create a working environment in an existing vanilla envelope office space in a short time and without much actual construction.
The landlord did the minimal reconfiguration which consisted of removing an office to create a larger trading floor space and to close of the conference room with a glass door, keeping the existing aesthetic intact.
The furnishings were selected to enhance and liven up the existing color scheme as well as for their specific use and functionality, the result is a cheerful working environment.
The desks in the open trading area are from the ICF Group they are a modern response to the open office feel while the closed offices have a more traditional type furnishing from Steelcase with the conference room in between the two but matching the offices in the wood species.
The reception and office assistant’s desks are also from Steelcase using an office furniture systems allowing the occupants some privacy in the more trafficked areas.
Completed in 2008 the space has colorful art throughout both from the owner’s collection and purchases specifically for the space, including art that serves as Feng Shui markers benefitting both new construction and renovations the space and its occupants.