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New School University

PIIM, Parsons Institute for Information Mapping is now housed in a walkup tenement building at 68 5th  Avenue, as space was freed up in that building in 2008 we renovated the second and the 3rd floor for their offices.

Card Services is the office that generates the student id’s in 2008 we renovated an office suite at 66 West 12th St. for their use.

Science Laboratory. 
The biology and chemistry departments share a small laboratory at 65 west 11th St. this lab had not been upgraded in some time. We worked on an expansion and gut renovation of the space with all new furnishings and new equipment, the construction was done in the summer of 2009 and on a tight schedule, it was fully completed before the starting of fall semester classes.

Administrative Offices.
The offices of the University President, Executive Vice President and Provost are housed on the 8th floor at 66 West 12th Street.
The need for office space including accommodating new staff positions fluctuates, we have completed several smaller scale renovations and reconfigurations in this area all accomplished in short construction periods during and around vacations and closings.

We  completed a tele-conference center for the administrations suite as well as upgraded their waiting area in 2011. In 2012 we created two new classrooms for Parsons at 66th 5th Ave, renovated the Deans Suite reception area as well other smaller scale renovations throughout the building and in 2 West 13th Street.